Ideas of Development

In June 2016, I had an opportunity to visit many Tibetan-in-exile organizations in Dharamshala, India. There I met Tenzin Tsundue, a political activist, a poet, and a writer, who has been one of the key figures for the Tibetan movements in the past years. Tsundue, in his philosophical mode, instead of talking about his activism and the Tibetan struggles for their rights, he talked about how the single idea of development has been shaping how we perceive the world today--the world where Tibetans and all of us are parts of. Much of our education, societies, and media have been heavily focused on a single common narrative of development and we may have been responding to them somewhat obediently. This thought-provoking idea has never left me. 

It is perhaps not a debate of whether Tsundue's speech was good or bad, valid or invalid, but rather if we are able to see other types of development around our everyday lives. This video is my first trial at videography, a blend between a documentary and a travelogue, but most importantly it was aimed to question what we may or may not define as growth or development. 

Speaker: Tenzin Tsundue - Tibetan poet, writer, and activist
Music: Bon Iver - Holocene